16″ Snowball

The 16″ Snowball shade is often mistakenly called a Hydrangea, but the original Tiffany Studios price guides name the shades they created as Snowball. Snowball Vibrunum plants have round flower heads that start off green and turn white as they mature, while the Hydrangea flower heads are conical.

Covered in flower clusters that cascade down the sides of the shade, the Snowball has an unusually deep bullet shape. The irregular lower edge gives the shade a natural look. Against a deep blue sky, thick branches at the top support the dense foliage that makes up the lower two thirds of the shade. The heavily mottled white and linen colored flower clusters are tinged with green, while the leaves are selected from a variety of green glasses tinged with off white.

This lamp was commissioned by a client in Massachusetts and is mated with the unusual Six Light Lily Pad base. Six “stems” ascend from the cast bronze base upward into the shade, each ending in a light. Due to the depth shade, the lights are positioned at two levels within the lamp. Both shade and base were created at our studio.




Written by Century Studios