16″ Geranium

The 16″ Geranium is one of Tiffany Studios’ more inspired lamp designs. If there is one flower that represents summer more than any other, it is the ubiquitous geranium. Bursting with colorful blooms, geraniums thrive in both the garden and the flower pot. 

Anchored by border rows of multicolored ripple glass, the lower portion of the shade is covered in the plant’s distinctive leaves. Set against a pale purple and gold background, Bill Campbell chose an impressionistic mix of mottled leaf glasses to give the shade a sun dappled appearance.

The flowers at the top of the shade are a lively mix of red and deep fuchsia with hints of pink. 

This colorful shade is shown on the versatile Small Stick base (20″ tall). This lamp was created for our studio showroom and is now in a private collection.

Written by Century Studios