22″ Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine flowers come in a variety of colors ranging from the familiar orange, to yellow, scarlet, pink and even lavender, making the plant a natural choice for stained glass. The 22″ Trumpet Vine is a large, turban shaped shade that makes an impressive table lamp, chandelier or floor lamp.

Supported by thick, woody stems, the boldly colored flowers cavort across the surface of the shade. The flowers are a vibrant mix of mottled, streaky, and textured glasses from every glass manufacturer in the past 30 years. Heavily mottled green leaves add a sun dappled appearance to the sparkling blue and green fracture/streamer glass used in the background.

The shade is shown on the Twisted Vine base (26″ tall with tall riser). The lamp was commissioned by a client in Texas.

Written by Century Studios