28″ Magnolia, Part 1

Alongside the Wisteria and Dragonfly lamps, the 28″ Magnolia is a Tiffany Studios signature lamp. Tiffany designed the shade for use with a Sr. Floor base and it also makes an impressive chandelier fixture. The shade depicts a large Saucer Magnolia tree in full bloom, and is covered in a fretwork of intersecting branches heavily laden with flowers.

Choosing the glass for a large floral shade takes many hours of supreme concentration and inspiration. Bill Campbell has been immersed in the composition of this shade for the past two weeks. After finding just the right mix of blues for the background/sky glass, Bill began laying in each flower, blending and contrasting them with one another.

The color and texture of each flower petal was carefully considered as the sections filled in. Individual flowers and pieces of glass were moved from one section to another, and some pieces were replaced to suit the overall color composition of the shade.

The three sections of the shade have been completed and the construction of the shade will begin this coming week.

Written by Century Studios