Lamp of the Week: 16″ Daisy

The 16″ Daisy Shade is a Century Studios hybrid of a Tiffany Studios shade design. The shade pattern is actually the 16″ Black Eyed Susan, but for years Bill had been speculating that the pattern would look wonderful in daisy colors.

While this variation is a Century Studios’ idea, it was not unusual for Tiffany Studios to change colors on an existing shade pattern to create a new design. One such example is the 22″ Laburnum (when created in golden tones), and the 22″ Wisteria (when created in blue tones).

The shade is shown on the Greek Urn base. We create this base at our studio using molds taken from an original Tiffany base. This piece was commissioned in 2014 and is now in a private East Coast collection.

Written by Century Studios