20″ Daffodil Turban

The 20″ Daffodil Turban is one of the many Tiffany Studios lamp shade designs that feature Louis C. Tiffany’s favorite flower. The turban shape of the shade and the multiple horizontal borders give the impression that the flowers are bursting forth with springtime vigor.

Created in vibrant tones for a client in Michigan, the shade has lush green leaves and rich yellow and amber flowers that play against the bold blue background. In the photo above, Bill Campbell has completed the layout and the colors are given a final check before being transferred onto the form for soldering.

Irwin Terry is shown completing the soldering on the interior of the shade.

When viewed from above, the flowers are shown to encircle the shade in an undulating garland formation. The shade is mated with the Twisted Vine table base (25.5″ tall).

Written by Century Studios