Farewell To Pottery Lamp Bases

It is with regret that we must say farewell to our line of Pottery Lamp Bases. For over 23 years, Century Studios has created pottery bases using hand thrown pots by Ephraim Fiance Pottery (also Arts and Clay/Jemerick Art Pottery until their closure a few years ago). Ephraim has informed us that they are no longer accepting commissions for custom pieces.

We have a selection of pottery bases in the studio which can be purchased at this time. Once these bases are sold, they will no longer be available. All pottery is hand thrown to our specifications and is fitted with reproduction Tiffany Studios metalwork created at our studio.

Budding Gourd 14″ tall – SOLD (12″ – 14″ shades)
Poppy 18″ tall  $1100.00 (16″ shades)  – One available
Pottery & Bronze 19.5″ tall – SOLD (16″ – 18″ shades) This is a one of a kind lamp base that combines cast bronze and hand thrown pottery.

Budding Leaf Urn 22″ tall – SOLD (16″ – 20″ shades)

Leaves of Grass 20″ tall – SOLD (16″ – 20″ shades)

Kendrick 22″ tall – SOLD (16″ – 20″ shades)

Monumental Budding Leaf Urn 29″ tall  SOLD  This is a one of a kind base with 4 lights. It will work nicely with 22″ shades and some 25″ shades such as the Rose Bush, Roman, Fish Scale or Salamander
To purchase these bases, contact us by email: info@centurystudios.com, or phone 651-699-4838. All sales are first come, first served.
Written by Century Studios