20″ Poppy

The 20″ Poppy is one of Tiffany Studios’ most successful lamp designs with a pattern that emphasizes an economy of line that is both pleasing and balanced. A horizontal band of leaves rests upon three lower border rows, visually grounding the design, while vertical leadlines representing the slender flower stems ascend towards the top of the shade. Each stem supports a bud or open flower. The 20″ Poppy has pierced metal filigree on the flower centers and behind the leaves, giving the shade added depth.

For this shade, we have chosen warm tones of amber, yellow, and red. The brilliant red flowers are created from a variety of streaky, mottled and ripple glasses. The sunny amber/yellow background glass is streaked with orange, red and teal. Emerald green appears in the buds and rippled border rows, while a mottled green and cherry red glass is used for the leaves. The overall effect of the coloration is warm and inviting.

Shown on the Bump base, this lamp has been created as a studio piece and is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Written by Century Studios