22″ Dogwood, Part 1

We have been working on laying out a 22″ Dogwood shade. This large shade begins at the top with a series of decorative border rows while the main body of the shade is covered in dogwood flowers in full bloom.

Irwin Terry has been choosing the glass for this shade.  Each flower has been carefully considered and laid out in a variety of whites mixed with pinks, greens, purples, and blues. In the photo above, the background and flowers have been completed and Irwin is choosing glass for some of the leaves. On most shades we choose the border rows after the other elements of the shade have been laid out to compliment the colors of the shade.

The pattern for the 22″ Dogwood shade has two repeats. Now that all of the glass has been selected, we have begun foiling the pieces in preparation for soldering. The completed lamp will be shown in a future post.

Written by Century Studios