24″ Snowball

This past week we completed the 24″ Snowball shade. This design is often mistakenly referred to as a hydrangea, but the original Tiffany Studios price lists identify the design as a snowball. Hydrangea flowers are more conical in shape while snowball flowers are round. Snowball bushes can reach heights and widths of 8 to 20 feet, so this large flowering bush makes a perfect subject for the generous proportions of a 24″ shade.

Covered in flowers and foliage, this masterful design invites the lamp artist to pull out all the stops when choosing glass. Irwin Terry chose to restrict the tones of the shade to green and white, composing a symphony of subtle variations in color and texture. Streaky, ring mottled, rippled, fracture/streamer, and drapery glasses playfully interact with one another. Much of the unusual rippled and fracture/streamer glass in this shade was created in the 1980’s and 90’s by Schlitz Studios and the Lins Glass Foundry. These rare glasses have been expertly blended with glasses from Youghogheny, Uroborus, Oceana and Bullseye.

The 24″ Snowball is shown on the impressive Sr. Floor Smooth base (72″ tall). This lamp is currently available for purchase from our studio showroom.

Written by Century Studios