Mosaic Lamp Bases

Lamp bases decorated with glass mosaic were something of a specialty at Tiffany Studios. At Century Studios, we reproduce half a dozen Tiffany base designs that incorporate glass mosaic and we recently completed these two mosaic lamp bases. The glass used in the mosaic for both bases is a reproduction Tiffany lustre sheet glass that has a shimmering surface which catches the light from different angles. Applying glass mosaic to the sculpted bronze bases takes a lot of time and infinite patience. Bill Campbell fits and applies all the glass mosaic to our bases. Both of these sturdy bases have arm supports for 16″ shades.

The Arrowhead Mosaic Urn base is decorated with the distinctively shaped leaves of the arrowhead plant in bronze relief.  Glass mosaic fills the spaces between the leaves which can be interpreted as water or sky. Any 16″ shade can be used with this base. This impressive base is currently available for purchase from our showroom.

The Dragonfly Mosaic Urn is an early Tiffany Studios base design. Originally created for use with the 16″ Dragonfly shade, this base will accommodate any 16″ shade. The base is alive with bronze dragonflies in low relief swirling amid flowering arrowhead plants. The lustre glass chosen for this base is a mix of blues and greens. This Dragonfly Mosaic Urn was commissioned by a local client.

Written by Century Studios