Chain Mail Lantern

One of Tiffany Studios most unique lighting concepts is the Chain Mail Lantern. Moorish in inspiration, a large reticulated onion dome cap supports a flowing curtain of glass. 

Constructed completely by hand, each piece of glass is encased in a metal framework and each unit is joined to the others by small loops in a process we refer to as weaving with metal and glass. The result is a glass chandelier that is both open and airy. Chain Mail Lanterns can be made with any color of glass and for this piece we chose a gold lustre sheet glass.

When the fixture is unlit, the glass surface picks up the reflected light and shimmers. The lantern itself is 9″ wide and 18″ tall (top of loop to bottom of curtain). With a ceiling canopy, the shortest length for the entire fixture is 25″ when made without chain. With the addition of chain as shown in the top photo, the fixture can be made to any desired length. This Chain Mail Lantern is currently available for purchase from our studio showroom.

Written by Century Studios