This Week At The Studio

At this time of year, time seems to be speeding up as summer comes to a close and the month of September flies by in a flash. During the past two weeks, we have been multitasking like crazy. We completed several lamp bases, including three table bases and two Bamboo Sr. Floor bases. We finished a couple of small lamps for clients (we will show them in upcoming posts), and worked on two larger stained glass shades. 

The first of the two larger shades we worked on is an 18″ Geometric Turban Moorish shade (shown at top). Irwin cuts and fits all our geometric shades and while he concentrated on the 18″ shade, Bill did patina work on the lamp bases. Once the 18″ shade was completely cut and fit to the form, each row was and put into a separate numbered bag for foiling. After taking a break to do the wiring on the lamp bases, Irwin began foiling the pieces of the 18″ shade. When all the pieces are foiled, he will transfer them onto the form and begin soldering the shade.

Patina work completed, Bill began the layout of our next commission, a 22″ Elaborate Peony shade. As we steadily work on our respective projects, we are discussing the next pieces we will be creating.

Written by Century Studios