16″ Fern

The 16” Fern is an early Tiffany Studios shade pattern that elegantly combines the naturalistic depiction of a plant form with a stylized graphic sensibility. With just under 1000 individual pieces of glass, this delicate design is highly detailed and boldly symmetrical. At first glance, this low domed shade gives the impression of being a geometric pattern. Upon closer inspection, the pattern is revealed to be a floral shade, with the recognizable long stems and leaves of a fern. The upper border and geometric lower border give the design a peaceful balance.

The Greek Urn base is a classic Tiffany Studios design. Originally conceived as an oil burning lamp, this base has an elegant balance that perfectly compliments any 16” shade. The base was created at Century Studios using molds taken from an original Tiffany Studios example. This lamp was commissioned by a client in New Jersey.

Written by Century Studios