22″ Dogwood, Part 2

We have completed the 22″ Dogwood shade. This generously proportioned shade is alive with color. The shade is shown on the Large Bamboo Table base (27″ tall). This shade was created as a piece for our studio showroom and is now in a private Midwest collection.

Approaching the layout of the lamp, Irwin began without a set color scheme in mind and let the glass dictate the tone as the piece progressed. The carefully modulated use of color was achieved by digging deep into our glass library. Beginning with the background, a multicolored piece of glass was chosen that combined blue, deep orange amber, and light amber yellow. Off tones of white and pink were selected for the main flower colors, with hits of green and blue added for richness. Shots of brilliant emerald green in the leaves enliven the shade.

One of the main design elements of the 22″ Dogwood is its many horizontal border rows. To compliment the flower colors, an unusual tone of blue was chosen for most of the rows while a bright blue mixed with purple was added for a pop of color. The bottom border provides an underline to the pattern, while two wide rows bisect the wide band of flowers just below curve of the shade. Flowers spill over these two rows, partially hiding the borders. At the top of the shade eight rows form a mosaic collar. These rows cap the design but are open to interpretation for color choices.

The shade is shown on the highly detailed Large Bamboo table base. This shade could also be used as a chandelier fixture or with a Jr. Floor base.

Written by Century Studios