18″ Cobweb & Apple Blossom on Wheat Mosaic Base

Century Studios closed out 2019 on a high note, completing a commission for an 18″ Cobweb & Apple Blossom shade on a Wheat Mosaic base.

The 18″ Cobweb shade is an unusual Tiffany Studios shade design with thick, cast metal branches making up the irregular lower rim and extending up into the shade itself. Each of the six flattened sides has a cobweb anchored in between the branches. Each web is different, with only one containing the industrious spider.

We chose rich blues for the sky at the top of the shade that lighten and fade into the multicolored webs. The apple blossom flowers and buds are a mix of pink, red and white.

The Wheat Mosaic base is intricately detailed with bronze wheat shafts rising up between stylized tree trunks. Glass mosaic makes up the background of the base, and like the shade the color changes from deep blue at the top to lighter tones lower on the base. The mosaic work for this base is finely detailed and precisely fit. It takes Bill Campbell close to three full weeks or production time to do the mosaic for the base, carefully fitting and adjusting every individual piece into place. Once fit, the mosaic is grouted and the patina on the metal is completed.

The completed lamp was delivered just before Christmas to our client in Washington state.

Written by Century Studios