22″ Elaborate Peony

With over 200 pieces more than the standard 22″ Peony, the 22″ Elaborate Peony is an aptly named shade design. This complicated lamp pattern has also become known as the Windswept Peony, but it is called “elaborate” on the original Tiffany Studios list.

The multitude of pieces in this complex floral design are like brush strokes in an Impressionist painting, and Bill Campbell took a painterly approach when selecting the glass for this shade. When viewing this lamp from a distance, large Peony flowers in full bloom are seen clustering about the surface of the shade. As one gets closer to the lamp the viewing experience changes and the focus shifts to the nuanced variety and complexity of the interplay between the individual pieces of glass.

Commissioned by a client in Texas, the shade is mated with the Perforated base. This base telescopes and can be set at different heights. The whimsical Pigtail Cap visually extends the profile of the lamp upwards with a playful touch.

Written by Century Studios