13″ Venetian

Century Studios is pleased to introduce a new design to our list of reproduction Tiffany shades – the 13″ Venetian shade. Originally conceived as part of the Venetian desk set, this incredibly detailed shade has a higher piece count than most of the 22″ shades we offer.

The shade has 1148 individual pieces of glass. For comparison, a 22″ Elaborate Peony shade has 1038 and a 22″ Tulip has 1125 pieces. Each piece of glass was laid out, cut by hand, and fit to the flat pattern. The colors were checked on the light table before fitting and foiling could begin.

Sections of the lamp were positioned on the waxed form to check the final fit before we could begin foiling. The foiling progressed in as the process of fitting the pieces continued. Once completely transferred onto the form, the shade was soldered together.

With its intricate detailing, the shade has the look of a delicately enameled Faberge Egg. The golden fretwork creates vignettes where grey/blues and mottled greens are punctuated by exclamations of red and orange.

┬áThe 13″ Venetian shade was commissioned by a client in Canada and is shown on the Zodiac base.


Written by Century Studios