22″ Trumpet Vine

We have completed the 22″ Trumpet Vine shade. Commissioned by a client in Maryland, the shade is mated with the sinuous Twisted Vine base (26″ tall to the top of the shade) and is finished with the distinctive Pigtail Cap.

Generously proportioned, the turban shaped shade is alive with trumpet creepers in full bloom tumbling and intertwining across its surface. The mottled, streaky, and rippled flowers are alive with orange, yellow, and hints of red. Lush green leaves intermingle with the distinctively shaped flowers against a sky that begins as a vivid blue at the top and mixes with lighter blues and greens on the lower two thirds of the shade.

Tiffany Studios designed shades and bases to be interchangeable and this shade is equally at home on the Bamboo base as it is on the Twisted Vine.

Written by Century Studios