A Pair of 16″ Geranium Shades

We just completed a pair of 16″ Geranium shades for a client in Canada. The client requested that the shades be a matching pair, but with the added twist that the shades be two sided.

One side of each shade has red as the predominant color. The flowers on this side range from lighter reds to deep black cherry. The background on this side of the shade is a transparent fracture/streamer glass, while the leaves are a mix of strong greens with hints of red.

On the opposite side, the overall colors of the leaves and flowers lighten and brighten. The background shifts to a semi-transparent glass that is tinted with a light green tone and is streaked with fuchsia. The flowers on this side are a mix of fuchsia pinks.

The result is that our client can display the lamps with two lightly colors shades, a matched pair of deep toned lamps, or two 16″ Geranium shades in complementary, but different color schemes. We are currently making a matched pair of Swamp Flower bases for these shades. The shades are shown above on the Tall Flower Petal (20″ tall) and the Grooved base (24″tall).

Written by Century Studios