Century Studios Lamp Bases and Metalwork

At Century Studios, we offer over 90 lamp base options, including table lamps, floor lamps, and chandelier fixtures. We create more than half of the bases/fixtures we offer in house. Here we have a photo showing a number of raw bronze castings for various projects that are underway.

Our bronze bases are cast using a lost wax process, and hours of hand work are needed to create each individual lamp part. To create a piece, we begin with a mold taken off an original part/base and using these molds, we pour waxes of the pieces to be cast. After hand cleaning the waxes, we take them to a local foundry. The foundry coats each wax part with a ceramic shell mixture which hardens around the piece. The wax is then melted from the shell and molten bronze is poured in its place. When cool, the shell is broken away to reveal the raw bronze part. Each wax and ceramic shell produces only one piece of bronze, and these parts are shown in the above photo. After additional cleanup and metalworking we apply a verdigris patina to the finished bases.

Written by Century Studios