January Projects

We started the new year at Century Studios by finishing a couple lamp bases that were nearing completion in December, while also working on a large lamp shade. The Dragonfly Mosaic Urn base was commissioned by a local client. The green to blue glass chosen for the mosaic work has an iridized surface that catches the light.

The unusual Turtleback Band base has a central band of hand cut turtleback tiles that are illuminated from within the base.

The Turtleback Band base is a perfect base for 16″ and 18″ shades. Here we show it with a 16″ Acorn shade we currently have in the showroom.

While completing these two bases, Bill Campbell continued working on the layout on a 22″ Trumpet Vine shade for a client. For those who look at the studio background in our photos, you may wonder about the two framed certificates on the wall. These are the BFA degree certificates of Irwin Terry and Bill Campbell which we received from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1983.

Written by Century Studios