Juggling Projects

The past two weeks have been very busy at the studio. The 22″ Elaborate Peony moved from the light table to near completion and two geometric lamps were cut and fit to the forms. We are also pleased to announce that we have completed production on the large 6″ Pigtail Cap. This is the final heat cap that we have been working on to complete our line of reproduction Tiffany vent caps. 

Irwin completed the layout for the 22″ Elaborate Peony, adding the final flowers and leaves.

Both Irwin and Bill began foiling on the lamp, but Irwin then moved on to cutting and fitting two 16″ Geometric shades while Bill completed the foiling.

While the foiled pieces were transferred onto the form by Irwin, Bill switched to patina work on two lamp bases for upcoming shades. 

Transferring complete, Irwin worked on the soldering while Bill completed the patina on the bases and began foiling one of the geometric shades. We are now nearing completion on the 22″ Elaborate Peony shade and will show the finished lamp next week.

Written by Century Studios