Lamp of the Week: 28″ Grape Trellis

The 28″ Grape Trellis was originally designed by Tiffany Studios as a chandelier fixture, but the shade can also be used as a floor lamp or oversized table lamp. Tiffany’s large chandelier cones present the lamp artist with a an exciting opportunity to showcase the beauty of stained glass in ways not possible on smaller shades. The intricate patterns and expanded surface area allows for more variety within the shade. As is the case with may of the large chandelier cones, the 28″ Grape Trellis has a non-repeating pattern.

The 28″ Grape Trellis pattern is defined by the trellis itself, which provides a visual structure for the leaves and large clusters of fully mature fruit to realistically intertwine across the surface of the shade.  The color of the trellis informs and tones every aspect of the piece since it appears throughout the entire shade. The background areas were cut from a number of different glasses that sometimes blend, and often provide contrast to the surrounding elements.

For the fruit and foliage we chose glasses with a wide variety of textures, colors, and transparencies. The grapes are a mix of lush blues, deep purples, and reds tinged with blue and green. Ring mottled glass imparts a sun dappled effect to the leaves and provides shading on the grapes. One of the features of this shade is the large leaf that is cut from drapery glass. The pleated folds of the drapery glass add a realistic element to the shade.

The completed shade is a visual delight that blends together glasses from all the major glass makers of the past 30 years. The overall tone of the piece is lush and bursting with life. This exciting chandelier is currently available for purchase.



Written by Century Studios