22″ Poinsettia

The 22″ Poinsettia shade showcases large expressive flowers blooming within a formal trellis. The tiered trellis creates windows through which the flowers expand. This shade design is often referred to as the Double Poinsettia.

Commissioned by a client in Arizona, this shade has a blended coloration where different colors with the same tone are used throughout. The result is when viewed from a distance the shade appears to be one tone, but when approached the individual colors begin to intensify and stand out from one another.

Set against a mottled celadon green background and a warm amber trellis, the flowers are a combination of complimentary orange tones. The orange is deceiving, because the flowers actually have been skillfully blended from glasses that include orange, amber, pink, red, and yellow.

Our client commissioned this shade to be used on an original Tiffany Studios lamp base in his collection. We are showing the shade on the Twisted Vine base (24.5″ tall) and on a unique Monumental Pottery Leaf & Bud Urn base (29″ tall). This one of a kind pottery base is currently available for purchase.

Written by Century Studios