This Week At Century Studios

The days have been packed this past week at the studio. As Irwin Terry continued work on a shade, Bill Campbell spent time preparing waxes for our trip to the foundry. The waxes had been created the previous week by Irwin and each wax has to be cleaned up by hand before they can be turned into bronze lamp parts. The pieces shown in the photo above show fewer than half of the waxes we will be taking to the foundry on Monday.

While we were busily working on our projects, two cases of glass arrived from the Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Company in Pennsylvania. We stopped what we were doing to unpack the new glass – you can see some waxes on our work table next to the crate.

It is always exciting to open glass shipment. Each sheet of glass is taken from the crate and checked out before being incorporated into our extensive library of glass.

We are showing just a few sheets of glass that will be used in upcoming projects. Seeing each sheet of glass as it emerges from the crates is an inspirational experience that gets us both excited to begin work on the next project.

Written by Century Studios