16″ Bamboo, Part 2

We have completed the 16″ Bamboo lamp. Like many floral motifs that inspired stained glass lamp patterns, Tiffany Studios designed bamboo shades in several sizes. At Century Studios we recreate both the 16″ and 22″ Bamboo shades. As discussed in our previous posting, the long leaves on bamboo shades are heated in a kiln and slumped to fit the curvature of the shade form. This lamp was created as a showroom piece and has been sold.

The shade is covered in fresh green leaves sprouting from the woody bamboo stems. The background glass for the shade is a light green tinged with tones of smokey blue. The calming nature of the pattern is enhanced by the contemplative color scheme.

The 16″ Bamboo shade is shown on the Bamboo Table base (23″ tall).

Our selection of Tiffany reproduction bamboo lamp bases include the small Bamboo Table base (23″ tall) for 16″ shades, and the large Bamboo Table base (27″ tall) for 22″ to 24″ shades.

In addition to the table lamps, we also make two bamboo floor lamps. The Bamboo Junior Floor base (60″ tall) can be used with 22″ to 24″ shades, while the Bamboo Senior Floor base (64″ tall) works with 24″ to 28″ shades.

Written by Century Studios