28″ Magnolia, Part 2

(See our blog post from Sunday June 14 for Part 1)

Work continued quite steadily on the 28″ Magnolia shade this week. After completing the glass selection and fitting the pieces to the pattern, both Bill and Irwin spent most of the week foiling the pieces. This is a time consuming step in the process where the outside edge of each piece of glass is wrapped in a thin piece of copper tape. This is a repetitive process that requires visual concentration, so we usually listen to books on CD while we foil.

To prepare the large Fiberglas lamp form, our special Century Studios tacky beeswax mixture is heated and brushed onto the surface. The form has the lamp pattern incised onto its surface to guide the piece placement. When we first use the form the fine incised lines are grouted and appear black. This form has been used many times and you can see that the grout has come away to be replaced by the darkening where repeated soldering has burnt the pattern into the surface of the form.

Once foiled, all the pieces are transferred and positioned onto the waxed form. At this point, Irwin will work on the shade while Bill will begin the next project. Once all the pieces have been placed on the form and held in place by the wax, the soldering can begin.

Written by Century Studios