This Week at Century Studios

This past week was a busy one at Century Studios with multiple projects happening at the same time. While Bill was foiling the 22″ Dogwood, Irwin was cutting and fitting an 18″ Geometric Turban shade. Once the Geometric was completely cut and fit to the form, we removed the pieces and Bill began foiling the lamp. Bill also spent time applying the patina to the Library base that will be used with the 18″ shade.

Irwin began the soldering on a 22″ Dogwood shade while Bill foiled the pieces for the 18″ Geometric. As the soldering and foiling were both completed, we switched projects again and Bill began the cleaning and patina process on the 22″ Dogwood shade while Irwin returned to the 18″ Geometric.

The foiled pieces for the 18″ Geometric are being moved back onto the waxed form in preparation for soldering. We have another 18″ geometric shade cut and fit that waiting in the wings to be foiled so we are both moving back and forth between projects and tasks. It was a good week to listen to a P.G. Wodehouse book on CD while we worked.

Written by Century Studios