36″ Pond Lily, Part 2

We finished off 2015 by completing the 36″ Pond Lily shade for our showroom. This unusual Tiffany Studios shade pattern is a new design for our studio. While water themed shades were popular motifs for Tiffany Studios, there are only two known original examples of this shade.

The generous size and strong horizontal lines of the design give the viewer the impression of being near a tranquil pond in summer. Water lilies in varying shades of white, pink, and yellow dot the surface of this unusually shaped shade. The multicolored water areas were achieved by the skillful combination of color and texture, bringing the sparkling pond to life. This shade is currently available in our showroom and is displayed as a chandelier fixture.

While this shade was designed by Tiffany Studios for use a chandelier fixture, it can be used on the Senior Floor Base.

(To view construction images for this shade, see our post from December 13, 2015)





Written by Century Studios