Lamp of the Week: 18″ Flowering Lotus

The 18″ Flowering Lotus Lamp is one of the most detailed and technically challenging lamps we offer. With almost 1800 individual pieces of glass within the confines of a relatively small shade, this shade must be meticulously hand crafted and assembled. For comparison, the 28″ Magnolia shade has 1260 pieces of glass. Commissioned in 2017 by a California client, the coloration for this shade was inspired by the original Tiffany Studios example in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York ( A rippled water glass sets the stage for the multicolored stems in the upper half of the shade. The flowers are created in tones of white, off white, and pink, with tinges of yellow, green, and red. The shade flares to an irregular lower border that enhances the natural look of the lamp.

The integrated shade and base begins with a wide cluster of bronze lily pads which rests firmly on the table. Ten individual flower stems ascend from the pads, making their way up inside the shade, each ending in a light socket. The upward thrust of the bronze stems is picked up and transformed into glass on the shade.  Each glass stem splits and follows the path indicated by the base as they cascade downwards from the top of the shade. These delicate glass stems end in a glorious explosion of blossoms.


Written by Century Studios