16″ Dragonfly shade on Dragonfly Mosaic Urn base

The 16″ Dragonfly is one of our most popular Tiffany shade designs. The pattern has an elegant simplicity, with seven dragonflies hovering in formation over a stylized background. The delicately filigreed wings of each dragonfly overlap one another as they encircle the shade. A green glass mixed with blue was chosen for the body of the lamp, while the dragonfly bodies and wings are a mix of blue and purple.

The shade is shown on the elaborate Dragonfly Mosaic Urn base. The rounded shape of the base is decorated with sculpted dragonflies and flowering water plants in relief. The glass mosaic was painstakingly hand cut, fit, and applied to the base by Bill Campbell. Once applied, the mosaic has been completed by grouting the surface, after which the the patina was finished and the base wired and assembled. It should be noted that each time we create a mosaic base, the result will be unique combination of glass colors.

This lamp was commissioned by a client in Delaware.


Written by Century Studios