16″ Dogwood

This light and airy 16″ Dogwood shade reminds us that spring is just around the corner. The design is covered with mature blossoms and leaves against an open sky. The light coloration was achieved by skillfully blending off white ring mottled and fracture/streamer glass for the flowers. The flower petals are tinged with yellow, green and pink.

The transparent blue sky is created from an unusual fracture/streamer glass with a hammered texture that was created by Schlitz Studios. The leaves are also cut from several lively green Schlitz fracture/streamer glasses. Schlitz Studios went out of business in the mid 1990’s and the glass they produced is highly sought after by stained glass artists and enthusiasts. The purple rippled borders at the top and bottom of the shade lend additional color and texture to the piece.

The shade has been created as a studio piece and is shown on the Greek Urn base. This lamp is currently available for purchase from our showroom.

Written by Century Studios