18″ Cobweb on Wheat Mosaic Base

One of our final projects completed in 2020 was this 18″ Cobweb shade and Wheat Mosaic base. Our shades and bases are sold individually, and while these pieces are usually ordered as a complete lamp, this time the components were commissioned by different clients to be used with their existing shade and base.

While the Wheat Mosaic base was commissioned by a client in Pennsylvania to be used with a shade the client was making themselves, the 18″ Cobweb shade was created for a client in Florida for use on their existing Wheat Mosaic base. The 18″ Cobweb shade is unusual in several respects. The shade is faceted with six flattened areas, each containing a large spider web intermingled in the branches of an apple tree in blossom. A single industrious spider can be found hidden within one of the webs on the shade. Each component part of the lamp arrived and was joined with their respective counterparts.

Written by Century Studios