18″ Nasturtium

If roses are considered royalty in a garden, then nasturtiums would be the court jesters. Zipping over rocks or bursting forth from planters, these colorful flowers tumble with wild abandon across flower beds. The saucer shaped leaves and brightly colored flowers are also edible, adding a peppery zest to summer salads.

In preparation for our annual Arts & Crafts Show last weekend, we created a lively 18″ Nasturtium shade. Bursting with energy and showcasing glass from every major glass maker of the past 30 years, the shade was carefully blended to change color depending on which side of the shade is viewed.

The flowers shift from lush reds to juicy oranges, then into sunny yellows and back to red. The leaves and background follow each change in the flowers, enhancing the color flow across the shade. Mottled, streaky, rippled, and fracture/streamer glass all joined together to create a whirlwind of delight. This style of coloration takes infinite patience and attention to detail so the blended shifts in color are natural and do not feel forced.

Making its debut at the Arts & Crafts show, this lamp was quickly purchased and is now in a private collection. It is shown on the versatile Small Stick base.

Written by Century Studios