18″ Peacock Lamp

The 18″ Peacock Lamp is a fine example of Tiffany Studios’ ability to design a shade and base where the combination transforms a lamp into a lit sculpture. The impressive Peacock base (29.5″ total lamp height) mimics the bird’s feathered breast while the shade consists of overlapping peacock tail feathers that playfully fan out across the surface of the shade. 

The shade consists completely of overlapping peacock tail feathers that are held in check by a series of horizontal border rows. 

Bill Campbell painstakingly chose the colors for this shade, which shift from purple tones at top through greens and finally into peachy amber tones at the bottom. Each overlapping feather is defined by the signature “eye” and the colors at the bottom of the shade reflect the colors in the eyes. Like the tail of a peacock, the shade looks different from every angle.

The impressive cast base also has inset iridescent glass eyes at the bottom that catch and reflect the light of the lamp.

For this shade, Bill used True Dichroic Glass, a recently created line of Tiffany reproduction glass by the Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Company. This glass has the unique property of changing from one color to another when illuminated. The glass is also opaque when unlit and becomes brilliantly transparent when the lights of the lamp are turned on.

Recently completed as a showroom example, this impressive lamp is now in a private collection in Texas.

Written by Century Studios