22″ Laburnum

The 22″ Laburnum has been completed. This complex shade has 1988 individual pieces of glass. The laburnum tree will grow to a height of 15 – 25 feet. The pendulous yellow flower clusters have inspired the nickname of “golden chain tree”.

This 22″ shade is quite versatile and can be used as a table lamp, chandelier or floor lamp. It is shown here on the Lion’s Foot base (28″ height, can be telescoped taller).

An overhead view shows the lobed shape of the shade. The modified dome lends a naturalistic look to the piece and the shape of the shade changes when viewed from different angles. The irregular lower edge accentuates the three dimensional look of this piece.

Bill Campbell painstakingly modulated the color tones of the glass to subtly accentuate the lobed shape of the shade. The color of the heavily mottled golden flowers deepens in the recesses and brightens on the lobes. Fresh green leaves intermingle with the golden flowers. The background (or sky) seen between the flower clusters is an unusual green/amber fracture streamer glass that gives depth to the tone of the shade.

Our client in Virginia will be using the shade with the Smooth Jr. Floor base (60″ height). The Pigtail Cap finial lends a touch of whimsy to the lamp.

Written by Century Studios