18″ Peacock Lamp

With their distinctively colorful plumage, Peacocks were often featured in Tiffany Studios windows, mosaics, and lamps. The 18″ Peacock is an elaborate shade design consisting of overlapping peacock tail feathers swirling across the surface of the shade. Horizontal border rows provide a visual resting point to the viewer.

To create this shade, Bill chose three different styles of rippled glass in a restrained color pallet.  The finished piece has a sparkling surface with a lot of visual and tactile interest. Deep emerald green tones are masterfully blended with yellows and blues, subtly defining the feathers. Each feather is further defined by its distinctive blue eye. The shade’s horizontal border colors play off the tones of the eyes.

Tiffany Studios designed a Peacock base specifically for this shade. The shape of the base swells at the top, Mimicking the bird’s feathered breast. The lower portion of the base is decorated with more tail feathers, each of which has a stained glass eye at its center. We made both the shade and base at our studio. This 18″ Peacock lamp (29.5″ tall) has been created as a showroom piece and is currently on display and is available for purchase in our studio.




Written by Century Studios