18″ Tulip, Part 2

Progress continued on the 18″ Tulip shade. With the layout complete and all the pieces foiled, Bill Campbell transferred the lamp onto the lamp form for soldering. 

Our lamp forms are made of Fiberglas and are coated with a tacky beeswax mixture we make at the studio. The wax holds the pieces in place for soldering.

Once transferred, Irwin Terry began soldering the shade. When the outside of the shade was completely soldered, the form was heated to melt the wax and the shade was removed from the lamp form. Soldering continued on the interior of the shade. The soldering complete and the bottom rim added, the shade was cleaned and a Tiffany verdigris patina was applied to the lead lines to finish the piece.

This boldly colored shade has a mix of rich green leaves and red tulips set against a blue sky. The sky color is reflected in the purple and blue of the ground at the bottom.

To complete the lamp, the shade was mated with the elegant Decorated Trumpet base (23″ tall). This lamp was commissioned by a client in Washington state.

Written by Century Studios