Lamp of the Week: 22″ Dragonfly

The 22″ Dragonfly is one of Tiffany Studios signature shade designs. Often referred to as the 22″ Drophead Dragonfly because of its irregular lower border of dragonflies, this shade has something for everyone. The generously proportioned shade is studded with pressed glass “jewels” and the dragonflies have jeweled eyes and delicate filigreed wings.

Commissioned by a local client in 2007, the rich wine colored glass is the perfect backdrop for the multi-colored jewels. The dragonflies have teal colored bodies with blue/purple wings. The shade is shown on the elegant Large Lion’s Foot base. The base is 28″ tall and telescopes to become taller. The distinctive Pigtail Cap lends a touch of whimsy to the piece.

Written by Century Studios