20″ Jonquil Daffodil & 7″ Geometric w/Jewels

Springtime daffodils were Louis Comfort Tiffany’s favorite flowers and he had banks of these sunny flowers lining the drive to his Long Island, New York estate. The 20″ Jonquil Daffodil shade shows two varieties of daffodil – the large yellow trumpet variety in the upper half shelter the delicate Narcissus with their faces open to the sky. Commissioned by a California client, this richly colored shade is shown on the Root base. This tripod style base has a slide so it can be made taller.


The 7″ Geometric w/Jewels is a variation on the standard 7″ shades we offer. The three dimensional cast jewels provide an interesting border for this petite shade. Shown as a pendant fixture, this shade can also be used as a small accent lamp.





Written by Century Studios