25″ Mandarin Lotus: Part 1

Inspired by the saucer-like leaves of the lotus plant which can be as large as two feet in diameter, the 25″ Mandarin Lotus shade is unique amongst Tiffany shade designs. The accordion-pleated surface undulates along the veins of the leaves, creating a three dimensional effect not seen in any other Tiffany design. We were commissioned to create a 25″ Mandarin Lotus lamp by a client in Ohio.

Blending three different glasses to create the distinctive shift in color, Irwin is placing each piece for the upper portion of the lamp in the above photo. In this shade, individual pieces of glass are not shaped like a traditional geometric lamp due to the undulating surface of the shade. For a proper fit, each piece has a beveled edge.

Color shading was checked on the light table before foiling the pieces. Bill is seen foiling one portion of the shade. Once all the pieces were foiled, Irwin transferred each piece to the waxed shade form. At the top of the post, the foiled shade can be seen, ready for soldering.

Written by Century Studios