28″ Easter Lily, part 2

We have completed the 28″ Easter Lily shade, which has been delivered to our clients in the Chicago area. This is our newest original Century Studios original lamp design. In our post from February 29th, we showed the progress of this lamp up to transferring the foiled pieces onto the form. Irwin then began the long process of soldering the shade.

After many hours, the exterior was completely soldered and the shade was ready to be removed from the form. The interior of the shade was then soldered and reinforcing wires were added to the inside of the shade for additional strength. Once the soldering was completed, a metal rim is added to the lower edge of the shade. In addition to providing a clean visual bottom edge, the rim adds stability to the shade. This shade then had a decorative bead chain soldered along the lower edge.

The construction complete, the shade was cleaned, plated and a verdigris patina was applied to the lead lines. 28″ cone shaped shades are generally used as chandelier fixtures, but our client will be displaying this shade as a large table lamp. We are showing the shade on the Turtleback base.

The complexity and variety of the glass choices can be seen in the overhead view and detail shot of the completed shade. The full spectrum of art glasses were used in the creation of this piece including streaky, ring mottled, rippled, fibroid, and fracture/streamer. These glasses were expertly blended to create an Impressionistic view of a garden of lilies in full bloom.


Written by Century Studios