Century Studios’ 1000th Shade

When we opened our studio on June 1, 1986, we began keeping records of all the shades we have created. This past week, we completed our 1000th shade – a 16″ Woodbine. This pattern has a geometric background that emulates a fence or trellis shape while the colorful woodbine leaves (also known as Virginia Creeper) clustered on the lower half of the shade.

Woodbine shades are the perfect canvas for showcasing unusually colorful glass, and this shade takes full advantage of the opportunity to employ impressionistic coloration. Beginning at the top with a heavily mottled, multicolored background glass that shifts from lush amber tinted with red, pink, and green, the background color switches to a fiery red at the bottom. Emboldened by the striking color shift in the background, the leaf clusters are a wild mix of colors inspired by the plant itself which dramatically turns from green to red as cooler temperatures nip the air in the autumn.

This 16″ Woodbine was created as a showroom piece and is shown on the Leaf & Bud w/Collar Pottery Base. It is available for purchase in our showroom.

Written by Century Studios