Lamp of the Week: 16″ Tulip Variations

During the course of their production, Tiffany Studios’ lamp designers occasionally made adjustments to shade patterns. A good example of this is the 16″ Tulip and 16″ Tulip Field shades. At a passing glance, the two shades appear to have the same design, but the Tulip Field has a denser cluster of flowers at the top of the shade with almost no sky showing. It can be assumed that the pattern was simplified after its initial design to ease production. At Century Studios, we offer both versions. The Tulip Field shade, shown on the sculptural Bell Pepper base, was created as a showroom piece in 2010 and is now in a private collection. The airy Tulip shade, shown on the Small Stick base was commissioned in 2002 by a client.

Written by Century Studios