Lamp Presentation

On Sunday February 7, Irwin Terry and Bill Campbell gave a presentation about Tiffany lamps and Century Studio’s work reproducing these famous designs to the Twin Cities Bungalow Club. The 1-1/2 hour presentation began with a history of Tiffany Studios, and how Tiffany lamps have become the gold standard for all stained glass lighting.

We then progressed to the design developments of Tiffany lamps, and through examples of materials and processes, showed how we recreate these designs today. Many of the attendees were local stained glass hobbyists in addition to members of the Bungalow Club. We had an enjoyable afternoon presenting work and answering many questions about lamp making and Tiffany Studios.

The event was attended by over 65 people and was held at a local community center. The Twin Cities Bungalow Club hosts yearly spring home tours, showcasing memorable bungalows in the Twin Cities area. They also sponsor presentations on topics of interest to those living in, and preserving older homes. For more information on the Twin Cities Bungalow Club, go to:

Written by Century Studios