Lamp of the Week: 24″ Snowball

This 24″ Snowball shade features a variety of glasses in a blended color scheme. Set against a stunning purple sky, the flower clusters are rendered in a variety of off whites, greens, and amber tones. The abundant foliage has greens tinged with purple, yellow, and amber, giving the shade an Impressionistic coloration. Snowball bushes can reach heights and widths of 8 to 20 feet. Since flowers on Tiffany Lamps were rendered life sized, this large flowering bush makes a perfect subject for the generous proportions of a 24″ shade. The irregular lower edge gives this design the natural feel of a large specimen in full bloom. The 24″ Snowball is the deepest Tiffany Studios shade design. Occasionally, this shade is used as a large table lamp lamp, but the Snowball works best on one of the Senior Floor bases or as a chandelier fixture. This shade was created in the 1990’s and is in a private collection.

Written by Century Studios