New Lamp Base

Century Studios is proud to present the newest addition to our ever expanding line of Tiffany lamps – the Arrowhead Mosaic Urn base. This is the first lamp base to be created from scratch by our studio. Original Tiffany examples of the Arrowhead Mosaic Urn base are exceptionally rare. Other versions of this base are usually made in a smaller scale, resulting in 16″ shades overpowering the base. Our version is scaled to compliment 16″ shades.

We began the process by researching photos and viewing an original base. There were many steps involved in making our adaptation of this lamp base, beginning with creating the gourd shaped blank on which to sculpt the leaves. Many hours were spent sculpting in clay and wax, and multiple intermediate molds were needed before we arrived at our final version.¬† Once the body of the base was cast in bronze, iridescent glass mosaic tiles were cut and fit for the spaces between the leaves. The bronze was then given a patina and the shade support and electrical elements finished. The Arrowhead Mosaic Urn base works with any 16″ shade.

Written by Century Studios