New Shade Design: 20″ Zodiac

Century Studios is pleased to introduce a new shade design to our line of reproduction Tiffany lamps. The 20″ Zodiac is a cone shaped shade that features the twelve signs of the zodiac. Zodiac symbols were a popular design element and adorned many items created by Tiffany Studios including mosaic panels, desk set items and lamps.

The twelve zodiac symbols are represented by a pierced brass filigree medallion. Additional decorative filigree medallions adorn the surface of the shade. Each section of the design has a large round turtleback tile along with several small half round jewels. The combination of jewels and filigree gives the shade a unique three dimensional quality.

A harmonious selection of greens were carefully chosen for the border rows and background which accentuates the the light amber tones of the jewels and filigree elements. The shade is shown on the Twisted Vine base (25.5″ tall). This lamp is in a private local collection.

Written by Century Studios