Secret Pots

On Friday, August 21st, Century Studios will be hosting a reception with artist Nick McArdell of Turner & Scratch Pottery. On this evening Nick will be introducing his new series of “functional” pottery called “Secret Pots”. We will introduce this new line of pottery with 15 one-of-a-kind pieces.

What is a Secret Pot? Here is how they are described by Turner & Scratch:

Turner & Scratch, known for fine hand-crafted art pottery, is pleased to introduce its first line of functional ceramics, which we have christened “Secret Pots”. With this collection we hope to fill a need that the ceramic community has long ignored. No longer will you exclaim “I shall burst if I don’t tell someone.” Simply install the stopper and speak into the ears of your Secret Pot. The secret is stored and safe. The container is also totally reusable. If the secret becomes common knowledge, simply remove the stopper, release the secret and the pot is ready for use again. Each vessel hears the quietest whisper and understands any and all languages. Larger capacity vessels are available by special order to contain your confidential and extremely juicy particulars.

Secret Pots are quite small – less than 3.5″ tall, and each comes with a ceramic stopper. They make perfect gifts. Each pot is a one of a kind creation, and some of the “hard of hearing” pots have three ears to make sure the secret is caught and kept safe!

Written by Century Studios